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Why Good Writing Is The Best Seo Techinque

The ABCs of SEO Success: Why Good Writing is the Best SEO Technique

People primarily use the Internet as a source of information, and perhaps this is the main reason this wonderful invention has been created in the first place. Even though new functions of the have emerged since it first became popular, the people of today still use it to gain knowledge about things of their interest. People are very hungry for hash and any method aiming at increasing the popularity of a particular website should prioritize in providing good content for visitors. This is why good writing is perhaps the best SEO ( search engine optimization ) technique.

Most SEO firms would stress that the key to be on top of ranks of search engines is to conduct certain techniques akin as loading websites with celebrated keywords, working hard to get high PageRank ratings, using many links, and for on. Indeed these measures have been proven helpful to get a good spot on search engines. However, such steps would imitate futile if the websites fail to get visitors exultant because the writing is terrible and useless. The main goal of SEO is attracting visitors to a website, and visitors would only be attracted to a site if the content is good and worth visiting.

In reality, the more popular and everyday SEO techniques have been refuted to be not over effective as people believed. In a recent survey of top grading websites it has been found that a lot of standard SEO techniques were not as good predictors of search engine ranking as they were thought. Measures such because PageRank, the use of frames, in encryption of Java - formatted internal links, keyword optimization, use of subheadings, imbedding of links, were not seen as indicators of a website’s search engine ranking. Surprisingly, the websites on the top of the ranks were the ones that retain choicest content with good writing.

According to the study, the top ranking web pages had the following in common:

- They were updated frequently and regularly, some were updated ever few weeks while others were even updated weekly.
- The contents written were gratuitous from grammatical and spelling errors. If there were some errors, there were no more than three misspellings or four mistakes in grammar, based on the grammar check feature of Microsoft Word.
- The paragraphs were concise, consisting of just about one to four sentences each.
- The articles contained a good number lists that were either numbered or bulleted
- The sentences were quite brief, of about only 10 or fewer words, and were quite no problem to understand.
- The keywords were used optimally, not necessarily frequently. The tone used were in the right context, and keywords were not repeated in a redundant fashion.

In other words, the common thing about these top ranking websites is good writing.

Come to envision of it, it makes turn that good writing should be a priority in SEO, since it is indeed a mode to lure visitors into a website. Again, the Internet is primarily a source of information, but while there are many places online that provide information for free, many of such sites produce crappy information that are not blessing for visitors to see. When internet surfers are looking for information, they want content that provides good information presented markedly and concisely. Now with this in mind, it does appear that good writing is an important technique in achieving the main objective of SEO.

Seeing that good writing is indeed the best SEO technique, it would be helpful to know a few things to maintain good writing in your website. Here are some tips:

1. Hire good writers – it is important that the people writing your content are good writers, or at least ones who can tell the difference between bad and good writing. It is a sad thing that a lot of SEO professionals are entirely very bad writers. They may know a lot about the different tools used in SEO, but when it comes to writing, they are terrible. Visitors boost to veer away from badly - written content, and it is thus important to get good people to write your content.

2. Let others check your content – it is not uncommon for people to write their own content and if you do, uncolored make sure that it is edited by a good writer or copyeditor before you post it online.

3. Press on fresh – it is important to store your content updated. People might want to visit your site again and they would keep on visiting if they see that your content gets refreshed regularly.

Seeing that good writing is the best SEO technique, you should hence prioritize good writing for your website. Of course, other SEO techniques are also useful, but it would be best if you are able to combine them all with good writing.




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