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Making Friends for SEO – Tips on Social Bookmarking

People make friends for a variety of reasons. They can make friends because they simply crave to have an supplementary companion. They can shape friends to have someone to talk to about a similar interest or to find one who can also become his business partner now well. In the Internet, however, there’s only one reason why websites or blogs make friends with other websites, and that’s because of SEO.

You bookmark a particular website because there’s something about it that you like. You’re also bookmarking a site because you wish to visit it often on a click of a button instead of having to bent its whole URL over and over. All your bookmarks are stored in the hard disk of your computer.

Now, social bookmarking works almost exactly the same except that the websites you’ve bookmarked are stored in the Internet. Secondly, your bookmarked websites can also be accessed by other people. Thirdly, bookmarked websites are supported by tags or keywords and solution phrases. Fourthly, people who view your bookmarked websites can include them in their own bookmark or category list as well.

There are several ways that social bookmarking can benefit your website:

Linking – Each bookmark you get from a social bookmarking site will also contain a link that will direct people to your site. As we all know, links are something that search engine spiders return unqualified seriously when it comes to SEO. Also, think of each bookmark you stir from a reader or viewer in a social bookmarking site as a vote. Obviously, the extended votes you get, the more popular your website is, and consequently, the more chances search engine spiders will take notice of you!

Tagging – Search engine spiders will also have a better understanding of what your website is all about with the use of tags thoughtfully provided by your readers. The choice of keywords and explanation phrases will ensure that search engine spiders place you in the correct category.

CiteULike – This social bookmarking site primarily targets online academic bread. Besides being used for SEO purposes, this website is also a great source of academic papers for students.

Connotea – If your blog or website tackles any scientific subject, you’re better off registering an account in this particular social bookmarking website.

Del. icio. us – This absolutely tasty website doesn’t let you encounter any hassle when it comes to social bookmarking. After registering an account, you can immediately dawning bookmarking. Besides that, you can also interest your toolbar to make your browsing process more productive.

Digg – Unlike other social bookmarking websites, Digg not only allows you to make up a list of your favorite websites and tag them but you can submit articles as well! It’s also paltry to understand how the voting system works in this website. A person DIGGS your website if he bookmarks it, and when a lot of individuals DUGG your website then the more chances you have of getting your website noticed!

Onlywire – This social bookmarking TOOL makes sure that its members spend their time productively by getting rid of unessential steps in their bookmarking process. All you have to do is parent a bookmark and submit it to the top social bookmarking websites of your choice.

Flickr – Besides social bookmarking, Flickr again allows you to host an image gallery. This is one of the most popular social bookmarking websites in the Internet.

Technorati – This is another popular social bookmarking website in the Internet so you’ll do hearty if you publication an account here. Among other things, Technorati allows you to re - use the tags you’ve created in their sites and place them in your posts or entries. Just make sure that you’re using the right link and code and Technorati will handle the rest!

The Socializer – All you have to do is click the “socialize this” button and a particular blog or website is immediately larger to your list. The Socializer operates similarly to Onlywire.

Wists – Learn about the greatest and most secret shopping portals online in this website.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from joining social bookmarking sites so register an invoice in as plentiful social bookmarking websites as you can to generate deeper traffic for your website!




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